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Richard M. Ingersoll

Professor of Education and Sociology

Policy, Organizations, Leadership, and Systems Division

Graduate School of Education

University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Ingersoll is a leading expert on America’s elementary and secondary teaching force. His research examines teaching as a job, teachers as employees, and schools as workplaces—from a teacher’s pre-employment training through their last day in the classroom. Dr. Ingersoll is widely published, nationally recognized, frequently quoted in the media, and has received numerous awards for his teaching, research and writing.  He has given hundreds of keynote addresses, speeches and presentations to diverse audiences, including teachers, researchers, educational leaders, and policy makers at the national, state, and local levels.

Areas of Expertise

• Teacher Supply, Demand, Shortages and Turnover 

• Teacher Preparation & Quality

• Beginning Teacher Induction & Mentoring

• School Organization, Leadership, & Accountability

• Teacher Workforce Trends

• Teaching as a Profession

• Racial-Ethnic Diversity in the Teaching Force


The way to improve the achievement of students is to improve the quality of teaching, and the way to do that is to improve the quality of the teaching job and profession. 

—Dr. Richard Ingersoll

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